Following the trend of the pandemic which is known as Covid_19, The team SNE PROMOTIONS out of their topmost generosity has taking it up on them selves to give out thousandS of safety materials which include face masks to the good people of Onitsha environment, this initiative is called MASK UP ONITSHA. it’s of no other motive but to take a civic part to help curb the spread of the deadly pandemic known as covid_19 and also to help some of the poor masses who can’t afford the face mask. It’s a common knowledge that putting on the face mask is one of the topmost preventive measures mapped out by WHO( WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION) to help prevent the spread of COVID_19 and also prevent from others contacting it,so the necessity to have one is made obvious here. This generous act by SNE PROMOTIONS team will be taking place on the 9th of may, 2020. Stay tuned guys and always support the TEAM SNE PROMOTIONS.the entertainment plug